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This is a reminder of what was and what can be when I have the right mindset. 


Perhaps this will do for you what it did for me but I suggest creating your own. 

My pieces of my puzzle.



Everybody needs to walk up one of their mountains at some point in their lives, don't forget to look back from time to time to see what you already have achieved.


Someone once told me that the path between you and your goal is hardly ever a straight line and sometimes to get from point A to point B you have to take a small detour. Keep taking steps because even though it's a detour it will still get you to your destination.


A distance traveled.


Someone once told me that most paths are traveled before and that you can ask where it will take you, but some paths will appear when you are willing and brave enough to take that first step.


A leap of faith.


Sometimes your path and that of others meet and head in the same direction but in most cases they eventually split and continue on their own. Remember that there will always be paths that will cross yours to (re) introduce you to old and new faces.


To all those faces past, present and future : "hi"


Individuality is defined as the unique characteristics and traits that make someone or something one of a kind.


Postponing turns hills into mountains.


Someone once told me that the only journey is the one within, but al thought this is a journey of great importance it’s surely not the only one. Because for some journeys you need to travel miles, for others not a single step.


A journey within.


Life starts as a blank piece of paper, some lines are given when your cells start to split and some are given by the people and experiences that touched your life, but the way you finish it is up to you. Although those lines don’t look like the drawing you envisioned, you might be amazed by what you can create with them.


You are creating art.


It are the imperfections that give character. Some call it flaws I call it character. Machine made things are "perfect" and mass produced.


So the question is do you really want to be perfect?


To know in what direction you are heading, you will need to know where you came from.


Sometimes a problem seems to complex to solve in those situations it helps to divide it into smaller problems.


When your backpack is overflowing, it might be time to reorganize it. Perhaps harder to find at certain times but your backpack also contains good things.


You are made out of billions of cells that work together and make you, you. In my eyes that alone makes you beautiful.


Balance can be achieved without both sides being equal. In most cases the bad will outweigh the good but that doesn't mean you can't achieve balance between them.


When you keep focusing on the bad the good can become neutral or even negative. Try to focus on the good so the bad can become neutral or even positive. Because the charge you give something depends on what state of mind you look at it.


You might have heard : body and mind as one. So the one effects the other. Sleeping and eating at fixed times is good when you temporally lost your balance, when you got used to this you will have excess energy that you could put in some form of exercise. By doing this your body will get healthier and therefore your mind.


Because to climb a mountain you will need to prepare your body.


When searching the internet for stories of people that are facing similar mountains. Know this : people tend to share the bad over the good, because most when they conquered their mountain move forward and sadly don’t always share their story of success. So my advice is to talk to someone that conquered their mountain in person. (Not me, people are weird.)

Perhaps one of their pieces fits your puzzle.


When dealing with bad habits the brain can lie to try to make you do that thing that makes you temporally feel "better", after this so called high there is a low and the brain will try again.

The mind is a strange but powerful thing.


When it’s your first time climbing your mountain you will probably not know your pits. When this is the case good shoes are recommended because stepping in a pit with flip flops hurts, but even on flip flops it's possible if you don’t go to fast.

When you step into a pit take a good look at it so next time you can walk around it, step over it or slowly go through it.


For some mountains you need to go through the low before you start to climb, remember that without the lows you won't really appreciate the highs and also that with time the sun will shine upon you again.

Never give up! (Trust the chaotic, hyperactive and unknown person.)

Yes, the view is that amazing.


It's hard to see the summit when you are at the foot of your mountain so perhaps someone with some distance has a better view. Know that every mountain has a summit and that you will reach it when you keep taking steps.

If you have trouble visualizing the view when getting there you could ask someone who climbed a similar mountain to paint you a picture.


One of the benefits of climbing a high mountain is that it makes you stronger and because of that if you happen to face more mountains on your path that they most likely will feel like hills.


Although you can´t always see it, know that the Sun always shines and with time it will shine upon you once again.


Emotions are part of life and proof that you are only human. Being happy should be more common then the others.


Mistakes are human and we learn by making them most are forgiven with time, with the right actions or words. Sometimes we need to make the mistake multiple times before we realize they are mistakes and sometimes we need to get told. A mistake is not failing, its learning. We learn walking by falling and standing up again.


How often do you fall now?


Confidence can be low at certain times. To increase this yourself it helps to create small realistic goals, the more you achieve the greater your confidence will become. Also surrounding yourself with people who support you and say things like : “you can do it” helps a lot.


You can do it!


Your thoughts do not make you, you. For me that’s your words and actions from the day I meet you.


A habit is formed by doing something often and for long periods of time.

Willing, determination, self-control, surroundings and knowledge are some of the things you will need or effect you while you climb.

It will be a fight all the way up your mountain but like everything you do often and for long periods of time after a while it comes naturally, will cost you less energy and like I wrote therefore a habit.


Your reflection will change while you climb your mountain. Because your reflection is a projection of your inner health.

Real beauty comes from within.


When you conquered your mountain don’t forget to plant your flag and take a good look around you, because I can tell you that the view was amazing on top of every mountain I climbed.


After you enjoyed the scenery you can roll down the other side to continue your path knowing that when you happen to face a mountain you are capable of climbing it.


Because you did it before.

Sketch 02.png

A small correction


Ok, I said you could roll down the other side of your mountain when you conquered it, don't do that if your mountain was very high because your head will spin for days.


Use a sled, yeah a sled sounds like fun.

Point of origin

Problems solutions.png



When you keep focusing on the problems, they will become bigger. Try to focus on the solutions.


Self knowledge


Don't expect others to know how to treat you, when you don't know either.

Problem to solution.png



When how to get to the solutions is unknown you will need to understand the ? better. When the ? involves a person there is no one size fits them all solution. In those cases remember that you are part of the solutions.


Remember to focus on those solutions.

Savety net.png

Safety net


When depended on certain tools, things or people make sure you have a backup plan. Because when plan A isn’t possible you have a plan B to switch to. Write it down in a period when plan A is still possible, perhaps plan A can even help you create a plan B.


Be creative.




You learned walking by falling and standing up again.


How often do you fall now?

Creativity will set you free.png



When my mind wonders it helps me to write, paint or something else creative.


You don't know if you can or can't until you attempt it multiple times.


Just make sure you enjoy doing it.




I was taught that I should treat others like I want to be treated.




If you keep focusing on the bad the good can become neutral or even negative, try to focus on the good so the bad can become neutral or in some rare cases even positive.


Stay positive :D




Does my mood influence my music or does my music influence my mood?

It's time for my favourite tunes.




The things that have the highest values in life don't have a price. When you forget this take a good look at the people who surround you and what you do have, you just might be richer then you thought.




The way I determine intelligence is by the choices someone makes. I made a series of bad choices so by my own standard I’m not that smart but there is still hope, by making a series a good choices to compensate it.

Everybody is better at somethings then others and I get amazed by what people are able to do every day.

You are getting smarter every day.

From withing.png

Inside, outside


I could gift wrap a turd, looks pretty on the outside but you are in for a surprise when you open it. So perhaps I should focus more on what's on the inside. (I don't like surprises)

A smile is a beautiful thing , If you didn't know by now. Yes, I like smiles.  :D




I don't believe in anything other than myself but I was taught to respect all believes. Perhaps they are right, perhaps I am, who knows? As long as it makes you happy and you don't hurt yourself or others who am I to judge? 


Filling in


Most do so and so do I but I’m trying to do this as little as possible. When in doubt ask, but keep in mind the answer you get depends on what question is asked and to whom you ask it.




When as chaotic as I am making a to-do list helps. Making a list is fun and all but actually doing what's on it is a different story... 




Written to write, spoken to be said and drawn to visualize.

Welcome screen.png

I'm thinking and yes it hurts.

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